Reorganizing Your Closet

It’s that time of year again to reorganize your closet. Time invested now will pay off throughout the year as it’ll be easier to create outfits, and the pieces you no longer wear will be eliminated. To help you get started on reorganizing your closet, here’s a helpful list that you can follow for maximum closet control.

1. Put aside time in your busy schedule for reorganizing your closet. If you don’t have a huge chunk of time, that’s okay—you can reorganize your closet a little at a time, but the thing to remember is commitment.

2. Breathe. Mentally prepare yourself. Reorganizing your closet is a simple task, but it requires dedication. If you’re like me, every piece of clothing brings back memories and it’s easy to get distracted. Reorganizing your closet also means reorganizing the clutters in your life so be prepared for some tough (self) love.

3. Make a list. Divide your wardrobe into categories. What’s in your closet? Are there a lot of shoes, shirts, dresses, jackets? Here are some examples of categories to separate your closet by:
a. Clothing item. Put all blouses, dresses, slacks, jackets, etc. together
b. Occasion: Put all work clothes, weekend clothes, and formal pieces together.
c. Color: Light to dark; or similar colors
d. Season: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter
e. Outfit: Separating by outfit entails preparing what goes together in advance. Set up outfits according to your style, and then organize them onto hangers.

4. Think of a new blueprint for your closet. It’s time for a new setup that’ll move you away from your old clutter and refresh your mind.

5. Buy some props. These will help you control your closet setup. Go to your local Target or IKEA. Consider purchasing a shoe rack, or extra boxes for shoes; a tie bar, and a scarf , necklace or belt hanger.

6. When your clothes are out of your closet, think about combining pieces into new outfits. This way you’ll get the most out of what you own.

7. Don’t forget to decide which charity will receive your items. Dress for Success, Career Gear and Big Brother Big Sister Foundation are all good options. Or find a consignment shop and you’ll make extra cash when they’re sold.

8.. Finally, Congratulations! You’re finished! Your closet is now organized, and you’ll probably feel like a whole new person. It’s important that you reorganize the clutters in your life. This not only reflects back on you as a person, but it also helps de-stress, save time, and make the process of coming home to an organized closet refreshing!

If you need some advice for rearranging your closet and what kind of clothes you should have in your wardrobe, Sharon can help. Reorganizing your closet should not be something to dread. With Sharon’s expertise and advice, redoing your closet will become an exciting and effortless experience. Contact her at