Choosing Accessories for Men

It may seem to you men that women have all the fun using accessories to express their personality. Nothing is further from the truth, however, and there are several options to be unique by choosing accessories for men.

It is actually easier to accessorize if you are in a more formal setting. Wearing a tie (or bowtie) can help you add color and a theme to your outfit. It’s best to match one color of your tie with your suit or shirt, but feel free to add one or more colors and always choose a pattern that appeals to you. Which tie to wear is your personal decision. Adding a pocketsquare will give you another pop of color at the breast pocket. Other possible accessories are a tie clip or tie bar, while contrasting buttonhole stitching on your jacket will  add a fresh finishing touch.Fleur'd Pins Ruby Red Python Rose lapel flower - photo by Andrew Werner

If you are dressing casually you can accessorize as well. Consider a pair of patterned socks to match your sweater, or a wool scarf thrown loosely around your neck. You can also choose to wear a statement watch or belt. On the more formal side cufflinks make a personal statement. And you can accessorize your tuxedo with a flower lapel pin. Not only is this on-trend, it accomplishes the triple task of helping you stand out in a sea of black, add elegance, and look picture-perfect if you happen to get your photo taken. This lapel pin is from fleurdpins.

Dressing well and choosing accessories for men should be fun and exciting. As a guy, spicing up your outfit is easily doable with one or more of these ideas.