How We Can Help

1.  Determine Your Best Colors. An Image Consultant will teach you your best colors and the most effective way to combine them. This will enable you to create outfits that flatter without overpowering and teach you the messages you’re sending when wearing certain colors. When shopping, it will help you focus on the colors that you know are complimentary, and not waste time on the others! (Of course when shopping online it will also help you efficiently use “search by color”).
2.   Streamline Your Closet. An Image Consultant can help you edit your closet so it’s easier to see what’s in your wardrobe and getting dressed becomes simplified. You will know that all your pieces are flattering, and where to find them. You’ll know that they fit and are in good condition! You can organize your closet by type of item, color, season, fabric weight or in outfits. Type of item or in outfits are usually best as you can quickly assess what’s available when getting dressed.
3. Find Stores and Designers that work best for you. We know that not all clothing lines work for everyone. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know which designers create clothes that match your body type, height/weight and budget? Designers use a fit model which is why proportion and sizes differ across the board. The goal is to find a designer who uses a fit model that has proportions similar to you. An Image Consultant can tell you which designers to shop for based on your style, body type and budget. They can also tell you which designers to stay away from.
4. Create a Wardrobe Plan. We all have a limited amount of time and money to spend on our wardrobe. A good Image Consultant will come up with a strategy on how to best build your wardrobe to create your new look. You will receive a step by step plan on what needs to be done immediately, what can wait until next season (or next year), and how and where to shop to make the most from your investment in yourself.

Go-To Outfits

Everyone has different needs for their wardrobe and at any point in time yours could include travel, interviewing,  attending a conference, redoing a headshot, or making a presentation. Part of the reason so many of us struggle with getting dressed is that we tend to get confused when deciding what to wear. Wouldn’t it be helpful to be able to quickly grab an outfit that is marked “client meeting” or “networking event”? An Image Consultant can help you determine which outfits to wear for a variety of occasions, and make sure they are complete head to toe, including shoes, accessories and hosiery.

Best of All

An Image Consultant will be able to provide  you with an organized closet and outfits that are flattering, but the best thing she/he will do for you is give you confidence and peace of mind. Confidence that you look your best and peace of mind that you know what you’re wearing for any occasion.