If you feel like your energy is lagging, take a look at the fall trends below for a pick-me-up. Enjoy the warmer temperatures, in the meantime and go apple picking, view a sunset, or take a walk in the early fall woods.

Fall has generally been the time that we’ve refreshed and recharged our wardrobe, with chunky sweaters, blazers, and new tailored pants. As this is a hybrid year, with people in the office part-time, full-time, or not at all, our wardrobes are feeling the uncertainty. Below, I offer some fall trend ideas to recharge both you, and your wardrobe.

Wear Patterned Pants

The looser, patterned pants from summer have segued into tighter, more structured looks, and printed jeans. The prints and patterns have remained, and are still bold and happy. Look for snake and other animal print looks, geometrics, florals, paisley and ikat prints. These styles are more tailored, and can be worn with boots, flats, platform sandals or slip-on mules. Colors range from brightly saturated hues, to more subdued neutrals.Pair these pants with a blouse, sweater or cardigan look, either solid, matching, or in a complementary pattern.

Discover Your Energy Color

It has always been known that different colors touch different emotional points and this can change over time. During difficult times we gravitate towards brighter colors. That’s why yellow, bright green, royal blue and turquoise are trending now. As we have been staying home and lounging more, pastels are also making a comeback. Lavender, pastel blue and pale pink are appearing on sweatpants, dresses, and even coats. They may have a soothing effect, as opposed to an energizing one. Red is certainly an energy color, although yours may be bright green, orange, yellow or purple. Try some of the brighter tones this fall, when you feel your energy lagging, and some pastel shades if you want to tone things down.

Revisit Your 90’s Items

Rather than trying something new this fall, you can revisit some of your 90’s fashion items. Did you save your loose fitting or flare leg jeans? How about the chunky sweaters or sweater vests? Feel free to wear your old slip dresses and chunky, platform shoes. Wear these looks head to toe, or else one piece at a time.

Use Pieces in Different Ways

If you have been holding onto something in your closet, but feel it’s outlasted its intended purpose, you may be able to use it in a different way. Dressing creatively lets you be more sustainable, and save money in the process. For example, you can wear a slip dress over a t-shirt for a casual, slightly funky look. You can wear a sweater over a dress, to create a top/skirt look. You can cut off slacks to create cropped pants or shorts,  or you can take the shoulder pads out of your older jackets to update them, and wear open. When you have some time take a few pieces out of your closet and play around to see how they can work together. I think you will be happily surprised to see how they can be worn in different ways from how they were originally intended.