How to Look Good While Losing Weight

If your New Year’s Resolution is losing weight, then you’re not alone. 38% of us making resolutions vow to lose weight, yet unfortunately only 8% follow through. This article is for the 8%, but it’s not about how to stick to your diet; it’s dedicated to giving tips about how to look good while losing weight. Why wait until you reach your goal to look your best when there are some very specific things you can do right now?


First of all, keep in mind that you want your clothes to be versatile, as you can’t buy a new wardrobe for every different size that you reach. Additionally, your basic fashion style will not change during weight loss. So, what you buy may serve a different purpose throughout the process but will still be flattering. Many items that are on-trend now will work with you through different sizes. Examples are vests, shawls, drapey sweaters and capes. Look for items that can be layered including lightweight wool shells and cardigans. Pieces that have raglan sleeves (meaning they don’t have a set-in shoulder seam) are a good bet as they will retain their shape better throughout weight loss.

Importance of Jackets


I recommend having one well-fitting jacket for whatever size you are currently at. Jackets are a fabulous wardrobe staple as they emphasize assets like a narrowing waist or curvy chest while hiding flaws and helping you look polished and put-together. A jersey knit or stretchy wool jacket will work with you through more than one size. Other items that can flatter you through different sizes and help you look good while losing weight include wrap dresses, stretch leggings, spandex tops and boyfriend jeans. These items are all fitted to the body, (except the jeans) but less structured so more adaptable. When deciding what items to wear together, my advice is to choose something loose with something more fitted. An entire outfit of loose fitting items will look like you have something to hide. Conversely, wearing all tight and fitted pieces is extremely tricky to pull off. Instead, choose a combination of loose and fitted. The contrast between loose and fitted is flattering, whether you pair a fitted jacket with loose, wide-leg pants, or a long drapey sweater with stretch leggings.

And Accessories

Accessories like belts and knit scarves can help you look good while losing weight in two ways. First of all, a belt is useful to pull together a vest, shawl or jacket and keep it fitted to the body. Secondly, belts or scarves when worn in a bright or contrasting color provide an accent piece; they focus the eyes on your narrowing waist, neckline or collarbone and act as a distraction from problem areas. Pendants, drop earrings and pins or brooches can be used as a focal point as well, with brooches especially being useful to keep a cape or shawl closed around the body.

When you go shopping focus on clothing that comes in sizes S, M, L and XL rather than numbered sizes. These clothes will take you through a greater size range than the numerical sizes of missy or women’s. Always have a well-fitting bra, ideally along with shaping bodywear. Remember that your bra size will change with weight loss, and you may need to be remeasured. These foundation undergarments, when fitted properly, make everything more flattering.

If your budget is tight, check out local consignment shops. They often have good quality at lower prices, and may take back your item when it no longer fits. Purchasing items that match multiple pieces already in your wardrobe ensures you will wear them more, thereby getting the most for your money. One other option is to check out one of the new online subscription rotating closet services like Gwynnie Bee ( for sizes 10 – 32. They will send you one or two new items each month in any size you request. This way you will always look your best as you’re losing weight.