Plus Size Dressing

Medium Size Patterns work best.
Medium Size Pattern

Many more designers are creating plus size collections for women, to compete with women’s only shops, which generally don’t carry high quality merchandise. If you wear a size larger than 14, or think you should, consider women’s sizing. These pieces are cut fuller in the bust and seat, while remaining fitted at the waist; they will be more comfortable and fit better than missy sizes. See below for additional tips on Plus Size Dressing.

1. Pay Attention to Patterns

Patterns are fun, on-trend, and everyone can wear them. Wearing medium-size patterns works best for plus size women, as larger patterns can appear too bold, and smaller ones too busy. Fabrics are important as well, and ideally will feel soft, but have structure. Examples include wool gabardine, silk, blended knits and viscose. Avoid stiff fabrics such as taffeta and textured ones like corduroy and velvet.

2. Leave Skinny Bits Exposed

They have been called skinny bits bony parts, or simply joints, but these are the areas you want to expose in order to appear slimmer in your clothing. Everyone has parts with little or no fat on them; it could be your wrists, ankle, calf, collar bone or jaw line. Uncover and show off these areas for a slimmer appearance.

3. Consider Button Height

Lower button placement adds to slimmer appearance
Lower Button Stance

Both men and women will benefit from wearing a lower button stance. Adjusting the button height on your jacket and adding darts if  needed will create a better fit and slimmer appearance. Other important fit issues to pay attention to are making sure jacket sleeves fall exactly at the wrist, clothing is tapered to fit at the slimmest point on the body, and jacket length stops just below the seat.

4. Utilize Body Type/Coloring

The same suggestions regarding dressing for your body type apply, whether you’re a size 2 or size 20. Colors for fall are so beautiful that we should be getting away from the “all black” mentality. Lapis blue, jade green and oxblood burgundy are making an appearance this season, and one or more of these colors should flatter you. Always consider your body type and personal coloring when deciding on an outfit.

Flattering Colors add interest.
Lapis Blue