How Hiring an Image Consultant Can Help You

Hiring an image consultant is something you may consider trying. Possibly it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a while, and didn’t know where to turn, or maybe the idea came to you while watching one of the style shows on TV. Perhaps you are simply confused by the idea of style, what it is and where to get it. Fashion and style are not interchangeable, and the media are very good at keeping us guessing which they’re selling. The good news is that image consultants are no longer just for celebrities, professional athletes and the very wealthy. Many everyday people, men and women, hire an image consultant to help them navigate the confusing signals we receive on Not sure where to turn?appearance, grooming and dress. Image consulting will work for you, but only if you know what to expect.

A good image consultant will talk with you before beginning a session. They will find out your goals, budget, and clothing preferences and how you like to shop. Image consulting is a process so if you start off going in the right direction there’s a good chance you will end up where you need to be.

Hiring an image consultant can help you in several ways. It can save you time, it can save you money, it can help you look and feel more confident, self-assured, and authentic. What image consulting cannot do is change your body shape, add features that you don’t have, or make you look like someone else.

Amber CordsImage consulting can save you time while shopping, as you will only look at items that will fit and flatter you. Image consulting can save you money by eliminating mistaken purchases, and teach you what to spend more on, and where to save. Image consulting will help you learn to put outfits together in a way that they bring out your strengths and minimize areas of concern.

Image Consulting can also help you:

  1. Stand out from the crowd. By wearing your best styles and most flattering colors you will be able to bring your features and personality to the forefront and have others truly listen to you.
  2. Look more attractive to gain a competitive advantage. Studies have shown that more attractive people are more persuasive and judged higher in competence, even with the same skill set. (“Communicator Physical Attractiveness and Persuasion”, Shelly Chaiken, 1979)
  3. Feel more confident. When your exterior is aligned with your inner goals and feelings you will appear more honest and authentic. Confidence comes from being judged as honest, trustworthy and reliable, which leads to a belief in oneself and one’s abilities.
  4. Be more focused as your wardrobe will no longer be a source of conflict. Rather than worrying about which outfit to wear or if your suit fits properly, you can focus on the details of your life and the particulars of your projects and presentations.Shopping

In addition to learning how to dress with confidence, hiring an image consultant will allow you to be more assertive and self-assured, not only with your clothing choices, but in other areas of your life as well.