Dispelling Fashion Myths

Do not stress about the Do’s and Don’ts of fashion. The truth is, RULES ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN! Your style is something that you feel and look comfortable in, not what the rule book has to say. You can create any type of look by mixing different articles of clothing you have in your closet. Here are a few fashion myths uncovered to help you embrace your style


1. No White After Labor Day

Wearing white in the warmer months is the main reason why people think that you can’t wear white after Labor Day. White is a neutral, earth-tone color that can make any outfit look polished and trendy. It is very versatile and can be paired with any color! Also, there are varying shades of white, some tend towards tan, and others yellow. It’s important to choose a shade that’s flattering with your complexion.

The secret to pulling off a great white look is pairing it with seasonally appropriate shoes and accessories! It can tie the entire look together.

2. Beware of Mixing Patterns

This fashion faux pas has been disproved many times on the runway. In past years people believed that mixing patterns was a fashion NO-NO, leaving them afraid to try combinations out of the ordinary. The key to mixing patterns is that each design should be on a different scale.  Make one the focus!

Another tip is stick to the same color scheme, or have some consistency of color in each pattern. This gives your look a cohesive and balanced effect while still making a bold statement.


3.Blue Doesn’t Match Black, or Brown

This rule is one of the most pervasive old fashioned rules out there. Black, brown, and navy are all neutrals just like white. This means that you can wear them with pretty much anything, including each other! Try pairing a navy dress with a trendy brown belt. This can turn a simple dress into something more flattering and chic. Or mix black slacks with a bright blouse and navy jacket. It will look more interesting than consistently wearing black with black.


4.Clothes are Gender Specific

There is nothing inherent in clothing that makes it specifically for a man or a woman. Some body types and style sensibilities feel more comfortable in a mix of pieces from the men’s and women’s departments. Although, men’s shirts/jackets button from the right, and women’s from the left,  there is no reason that clothing cannot be considered gender neutral. As a society we are seeing more gender fluidity and some clothing brands are capitalizing on this. Check out Rad Harouni (photo below, who’s been around since 2007) and One DNA (a smaller collection, which began onkickstarter). Smaller, petite women have often told me they buy pieces in the boy’s department, and witness the popularity of the “boyfriend jacket”, and “boyfriend jeans”. It’s fine to mix men’s and women’s clothing together in an outfit.

5. No French Cuffs With Sports Jackets

Popular opinion used to be that since French Cuffs are more formal, they should only be worn with a suit jacket, or tuxedo. Wearing French Cuffs with unique cufflinks is a great way to be stylish regardless of whether you’re wearing a suit, or even any jacket at all! Simply match your cufflinks to a color in your shirt, or wear one representing your favorite hobby, sports team or else find a vintage style that you like. It will add some style personality to your outfit, no jacket required!

The truth about fashion is that guidelines are way more flexible than they used to be. Don’t be afraid to try something and then look in the mirror to see if it works. Simply having one cohesive element such as color, cut or style will help you create outfits from individual pieces.