Spring is the perfect time to start adding an extra dose of fashion to your life! Learn how to dress more fashionably and consider some of the ideas below as a starting point:

1.  Invest in Basics that Fit. Basics are literally the foundation of your wardrobe. They are versatile fashion staples that can be worn in many looks. Some examples of basics are terrific fitting jeans, a simple white button down shirt, and black patent pumps. Wear these together for a simple outfit, that is still extremely stylish. The biggest tip for basics, is make sure they fit properly! This is the best way to take your look from boring to glam!

2.   Go Bold with Accessories. Once you establish the foundation of your look, you can add accessories to bring in interest and personality. This means statement jewelry, fabulous shoes, or a gorgeous clutch. Only one accessory will be your focus point, but make sure it’s bold. For example this clutch from TopShop is simple, chic and versatile, yet still Bold!

3. Own a few Wardrobe Conversation Pieces. It’s a good idea to always have a few or at least one piece in your wardrobe that has the “wow” factor. This piece can be a trendy jacket, gorgeous dress, or fabulous shoes. It will be the one item that you always get compliments on, and wearing it feels like armor against whatever happens during the day. This piece acts like your insurance policy against having nothing to wear. Two examples are this floral patterned dress from Nordstrom, which will take you many places in style, and these polka dot with red Manolo Blahnik pumps. You would certainly get many compliments on these!

4. Rock Red Lipstick. Red Lipstick is a perfect staple for adding some glamour to your look. Picking the right shade for your skin tone will make it look seem you spent a lot of time with your makeup. The good news is that you will look put together with simply red lipstick, and no other makeup! The right red lipstick will act like a neutral and go with any type of outfit. There are various shades and many brands to choose from, so try a few to make sure you pick the best one. Once you do, you’ll see that you can never go wrong with a red lip to look put together and glamorous.