Get ready to see lots of prints this Spring and Summer, with almost every designer embracing statement prints and patterns! There are a variety of sizes and patterns that will flatter all body types. Please see below for an explanation.

1.Polka Dots

Polka dots are so much fun, and very trendy right now. They are flattering for pear and figure 8 body types as the rounded shape of the dots complement your curves. They can be worn as part of an outfit, or in a complete look. Polka dots can also be mixed with other geometric patterns for a unique and creative style idea!

2. Animal Print

This pattern is more Cheetah looking than leopard as in years past, but it’s still the best to bring out your wild side. This skirt is particularly flattering to a pear shape body. The flowy fabric and curves in the pattern will hide large hips and add interest while you move about. If you are pear you want to find pieces that are typically brighter and large-patterned on the top, but since animal print acts like a neutral, the reverse is true. You can pair this with any color: red, yellow, brown and purple are some options to consider. Also, know that animal print is flattering to all skin tones.

3. Floral

Floral patterns are so popular this season, that looking around a department store can feel like being in the garden. Larger florals are more for the weekend, or special events like parties or showers, and not necessarily for business. Smaller patterns or floral design as part of an outfit are perfect any time. Floral patterns can flatter apple body types nicely, especially in a dress like the one below left, which is lacking a well-defined waist. The more structured outfit on the right would be most flattering to a rectangular or figure 8 body type.

4. Gingham

It seems like Gingham is often popular and this print will continue to be on trend this Season. Gingham to me represents simple happiness and has a retro summery vibe. Gingham is most flattering to rectangular and inverted V body types. (Shoulders are the same as or wider than your hips). Wearing Gingham will add interest and soften the angularity of a rectangular body type. It is also flattering to short and petite women.